I am a 43 year old, pediatric physical therapist, and a mother of two teenagers.  I lost 80 pounds in 2003-2004 and decided to run a marathon (which was a bucket-list goal at the time).  
That's my mom and I in 2003 (I'm the one on the right)

10 years later, I had a dream to qualify for the US 24-Hour Team and represent our country.  On 12/31/12, I ran 137.98 miles and qualified for Team USA, winning Freedom Park 24 Hour overall!  

In May of 2013, I managed to place 4th in the World (3rd on the US Team...helping us earn a gold medal), running 142.730 miles, placing me 6th on the UltraRunning  All-Time list for 24-hours.

A month after the 24 Hour World Championship in the Netherlands, I ran the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.  I am one of only 39 women in 28 years to ever complete the Grand Slam (Western States 100,  Vermont 100, Leadville 100, Wasatch 100), and the only woman from Indiana.  

I recently accomplished my biggest running goal of setting an American Record in UltraRunning.  I also set a World Record, which I never thought possible.  I ran 242.093 miles in 48 hours, setting the AR and the Indoor Track WR for 48 hours.  

I recently broke 15 hours in a 100 miler and set a new American Trail Record at Tunnel Hill 100 miler on 11/15/14.

I have an outgoing personality and a passion for running!  I have paced over 15 marathons (usually for Marathonpacing.com ), including helping 2 blind men complete the New York Marathon in 2010 as a guide for Achilles International.  So, far I have completed 94 marathons and 21 ultras to date with no DNF’s.  

Life Running Goals:  
Run a marathon in all 50 states & DC under 4 hours - completed 10/2014

Set an American Record - completed 8/2014

Break 15 hours in a 100 miler -completed 11/2014

Break 7 hours in a 50 miler:

Break 3 hours in a marathon:
     My marathon PR is 3:01:19 on 10/1/11 at the St. George Marathon in Utah.

20 Marathon Wins:
     I have 19 so far.  There is a world list once you hit 20 marathons.

12/1/14: USATF Masters Road Ultra Runner of the Year
12/25/14: UltraRunning Magazine #8 Ultra Runner of the Year

USATF Involvement:
USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Executive Committee Member
USATF MUT representative for Athlete Advisory Council

Contact me: tralynrog77@gmail.com


  1. P.S. Little bit of trivia. I see that your marathon PR is 3:01:19. Probably the only archaic piece of running data where the Jester will ever have one on Traci Falbo. My marathon PR (set when I was 18) is . . .

    3:01:18. Yep, one frickin second! But I'll take it, since you kick my butt in everything else.

    1. UHHHH, don't you have a WORLD RECORD FOR MOST 100'S IN A YEAR?!!!! Never touching that one...I'll let you know when I best your marathon PR...haha :)

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